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Insurance Sales Leads

Buying Insurance Leads from Us

You can Buy Insurance Sales Leads generated from insurance agents' websites. Insurance leads are generated from search engines and other sources. All leads are exclusive and sent via email and in real time. We have many quality-checking systems in place including a system that checks all addresses with the US post office database.

Selling Insurance Leads to Us

Making money from your website or blog is as easy as placing a link on your site and giving us the information we need to pay you. Please note that we only pay for valid leads. We have several systems in place, including surveying our member agents, to make sure that we receive quality leads. Bogus and duplicate leads will not be paid for!

Trading Insurance Leads with Us

If you are an insurance broker, we want your out-of-state and other traffic that you can't use. You can Trade Insurance Sales Leads for local leads that you can use, or receive money from us like any other affiliate.

If you have a questionnaire on your site, we recommend that you place our link under yours below is an example:

If you do not have a questionnaire on your site, you can use our questionnaire for your local clients as well. When your potential clients click on your link, they will see your name, not ours. All leads from your territory will be sent to you at no charge.

Insurance Sales Lead Types

We buy sell and trade a large variety of sales leads for insurance brokers. These include more than just exclusive auto insurance leads or leads for health insurance. Life leads, business leads and more can be bought sold and traded. The leads we buy sell and trade include:

Turning Bad Sales Leads into Good Sales Leads

How we got started selling and trading insurance sales leads

My son and I have an insurance agency in Connecticut. We mainly sell health insurance and only in Connecticut. This means that if we get an out-of-state insurance lead, no matter how qualified, it is a bad sales lead to us. Bad sales leads for us include:

We want the leads that you can't sell so that we can send you leads that you can use and we can send your bad leads to other agents who can profit from them.

Insurance Sales Leads

We want you to make more money with your website or blog.  Buy, sell or trade insurance sales leads with us.

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Three ways to make money:

Insurance Agents:

“My bad sales leads may become your best clients and vice versa. Let's trade our out-of-state leads and we will all profit.”

Alston J. Balkcom Connecticut Insurance Agent

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