Insurance Sales Leads - Buy health, auto, homeowners insurance, etc. leads or trade them! 

This site is for insurance agents who are looking for insurance sales leads.   If you are consumer you can request auto homeowners, and health insurance quotes from our sister site 

We take "bad" sales leads 

(leads our member agents websites receive from outside their service area)

And turn them into good sales leads.

Please see below if you would like to buy or trade leads from us.

If you are an insurance agent looking for insurance leads, whether for auto, health or home insurance please see below.  If you own a website I want to give you a free auto health or homeowners insurance lead for every lead you get from your website that you don't want.

Do You Have an Insurance-Based Website? 


I will send you one free lead for every two "bad" leads you send me.

Just install a specially coded ink on your website and start earning free leads. A "bad" lead is a lead from a state or zip code in which you don't market or a lead for a type of insurance that you don't market. "Bad" leads must of course be usable by another agent so other criteria apply.  

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Do You Want To Buy Insurance Leads?

I recommend

The insurance leads they offer include: 

  • leads for auto insurance 

  • leads for homeowners insurance leads

  • leads for life insurance 

  • leads for health insurance



How this insurance lead trading / insurance lead buying site was "born."

My name is Alston J. Balkcom.  I've been an insurance agent since 1985.  I sold my share of life, health and auto insurance over the years using direct mail and (Ugh!) telemarketing.  As time went on, these methods be came less and less efficient.  I think that caller ID and answering machines became the kryptonite that killed off the old school super sales men and women who made their living dialing for dollars.  As time went on I started searching for a better way to find clients.  More


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