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Insurance Sales Leads — Affiliate Payouts

Affiliate payments and lead pricing are based on the following. See notes below table for further information, there are a few situations where payouts will not be made.

Affiliate Payments and Value of Traded Leads

*Most affiliates and agents will qualify for 10% higher payouts than the rates shown above. You will receive details during the sign up process.

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Bogus and Duplicate Leads

Leads You Send to Us

We will not credit your account for duplicate leads. We will not credit your account for leads with inaccurate or incomplete information. If a lead with the same person's contact information originates from two different sources, only the first source will receive compensation.

Leads We Send to You

We will credit your account for duplicate leads. We will credit your account for leads that have inaccurate or incomplete informaton if we can verify that the information is incorrect. For example, a phone number that rings but is never picked up cannot be verified as innacurate. A number that returns a not in service recording can be.

Agents Who Trade Leads with Us

Insurance agents who send leads to us will have their account credited with the standard Fees Paid to Referrer. However, if these funds are used to purchase leads, the purchasing power will be 50% greater than their cash value. Agents can receive cash or can use the credits they have earned to buy leads. Agents can change their option at any time. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Insurance Sales Leads

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